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the general maritime lawyer is the body of law that interprets how the Jones Act gets applied to each case. The importance of this area of the law cannot be overstated and a mastery of it is required to adequately and successfully represent an injured offshore worker. This maritime law is court-made common law as it applies to the maritime context and in maritime cases.

General maritime law also provides additional rights and damages to seamen outside the Jones Act, and provides a basis for claims by family members of deceased maritime workers. General maritime law further provides compensation for non-seamen injured in a maritime setting or while involved in maritime activities.

General maritime law interprets how damages can be assessed, what constitutes contributory negligence.

Basically general maritime law encompasses the common law remedies available for maritime related incidents.

Generally, speaking, the statute of limitations controlling general maritime claims is three years; but, certain circumstances (such as the location of the accident) can shorten your statute of limitations. This is one of the many reasons why it is so important to contact a knowledgeable admiralty and maritime lawyer about your injuries.

Some noteworthy general maritime law aspects involve claims for maintenance and cure, unearned wages, and unseaworthiness of a vessel. General maritime law permits strict liability for product liability claims.

It also provides causes of action for wrongful death and negligence for non-seamen injured on navigable waterways. General maritime claims include claims of Jones Act seamen and longshoremen against any responsible third party for negligence causing or contributing to injury or death.

Offshore, high sea, and dockside workers face numerous dangers not seen by land-based laborers. For this reason, employees in maritime related fields are entitled to many additional protections and benefits not afforded to their land-based counterparts.

Federal law including the Jones Act, the Long shore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, the Outer Continental Shelf Land’s Act, the Defense Base Act, and the general maritime law provide protection and compensation for maritime laborers. 

Legal services related to maritime law:

  • Marine casualty, collision, fire and explosions
  • Charter parties, bill of lading, other transport contracts and related disputes
  • Ship financing, sale and purchase
  • Cargo claims
  • Personal injury including claims
  • Rescue, towing, debris removal and recovery demands
  • Sale, purchase and leasing of all types of ships and yachts
  • Marine Insurance
  • Ship building and repair
  • Operating agreements and ship management
  • General average and total loss disputes
  • Pollution claims and cleanliness
  • Insurance disputes

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When You Have to Retain a Maritime and Admiralty Attorney

Listed below are a Couple of of these Kinds of civil cases which need the Professional services of a marine law attorney:

  • cruise-ship passenger Injuries like drops and slip or trip also drops
  • Poor health attention in sea
  • Rapes, Assaults, batteries, along with sexual offenses dedicated to a cruise boat (for civic states )
  • Jones Act settlement claims
  • wrongful-death on almost any boat or stage
  • Shore trip injuries
  • Charter ship and yacht injuries
  • Workplace accidents on boats, rigs, and also in vent

In Case You Have any query regarding if your situation drops Under marine and admiralty law, please contact us for a free assessment.

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