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What You Should Know About Maritime Law and Injuries


The maritime industry is a big business for the Gulf Coast and the people who call this area home. However, work is dangerous and seafarers are often subject to injuries due to terrible working conditions in tugboats, push boats, offshore platforms, jack towers, semi-immersion towers, crew ships, drill barges and …

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Maritime Injury Law


Maritime Law is Different The law of maritime accidents is different from the laws of terrestrial injuries. If you are injured in the service or service of a ship or in the case of a seashore, you may have advantages. If you qualify as a Jones Act or general maritime …

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Maritime Law Questions 1- What is the difference between maritime law and admiralty law? The difference between admiration and maritime law has eroded since the American Revolution. Today, these terms are used interchangeably, but have emerged with different meanings. Admiralty initially meant private admiral courts in the United Kingdom and …

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Maritime Lawyer Firms


Admiralty & Maritime Lawyers Our lawyers, who have more than 100 years of experience in Admiralty and maritime law, have successfully sued and negotiated thousands of cases on behalf of plaintiffs involving personal injuries and false deaths on private ships, cruise ships and navigable waters. In addition, we address seafood …

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Maritime Law Association of the United States

Maritime Law Association of the United States1

The United States Maritime Law Association (MLAUS) was founded in 1899 and is the professional organization of a national lawyer dealing with maritime law. MLAUS serves marine lawyers as a source of ideas and information to the public and as a representative of the international legal community and provides a …

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Information On Maritime Law

information on maritime law

Maritime Law About Talmud discusses many laws related to sea and river travel, such as the sale of ships, shipwreck rescue and rescue, transitional rules at sea, loading and leasing contracts, and various details of Sabbath laws. ritual purity applied to ships. However, these laws do not serve to establish …

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Cruise Ship Law: What You Need to Know

Cruise Ship Law What You Need to Know

For many vacationers, a cruise ship law is an exciting and new experience. Even those who have set out before will find something special to spend time at sea. While it is true that a travel holiday can be one of the most relaxing holiday options, it is true that …

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What’s it like working as a Maritime Lawyer?


like working as a maritime lawyer any problem with an incident or situation that occurs at sea, on the waterway or during the voyage of a ship will likely need the services of expert legal experts. These Maritime Lawyers are used to protect and promote the legal rights of one …

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European Maritime Law Organisation


What is EMLO? The “European Maritime Law Organisation” (EMLO) was established to provide an impartial and independent forum for discussion and research on topics of interest to those interested in EU maritime issues.We are an independent body of EU law, from competition and trade to safety and the environment. EMLO …

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