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Our lawyers, who have more than 100 years of experience in Admiralty and maritime law, have successfully sued and negotiated thousands of cases on behalf of plaintiffs involving personal injuries and false deaths on private ships, cruise ships and navigable waters. In addition, we address seafood liability claims, insurance disputes, breach of contract, and all other legal issues under marine law. Lipcon, Margulies, Alsina and winkleman, P.A have extensive experience in maritime and admiral law and stay up to date on the latest court decisions, judicial trends and other changes that may affect your case.

Are You the Victim of a Maritime Injury?

There are many ways to get injured at sea. Passenger line passengers are known to be injured by Yakup’s stairs, the lido deck, the pool, other passengers, or by getting sick. Similarly, workers working on cruise lines, merchant ships, oil drilling rigs and other water-based construction sites may suffer an unlimited number of injuries at sea.

What Kind of Cases Does a Maritime Attorney Handle?

Our legal team deals with various cases resulting from fake deaths or passengers, seafarers, or long-standing injuries. Federal laws usually govern these claims, because normal state workers compensation laws do not generally apply to work done on ships.

The right time to call a marine lawyer:

  • Your boat or ship crashes into another vessel, or someone crashed into your boat.
  • You are injured, assaulted or raped while on a cruise ship.
  • When a loved one drowned in a pool aboard a cruise ship or another vessel.
  • A loved one went missing while on a cruise ship.
  • A loved one fell overboard while on a cruise ship.
  • When you are injured as a result of a cruise line shore excursion.
  • A family member died or was injured while working on a fishing boat, drill ship, freighter, cargo ship, yacht, tanker or other vessel.
  • You sustained injuries from a parasailing or jet ski accident.

Cases that Fall Under Maritime and Admiralty Law

Not everyone is aware that their case is handled by maritime and admiral laws, but even on most ships in most ports, most accidents and most of the other atrocities are covered by admiral laws, which are quite different from land and state laws. . . What kinds of claims can be handled in admiral law? Here are some examples:

Cruise Ship Passenger Accidents

Accidents, injuries, norovirus-related diseases, food poisoning, crew or passenger attacks, rough seas or other types of events that may or may not be illegal or due to incorrect navigation systems, slip and fall accidents and a qualified cruise ship lawyer should be managed by.

Charter Boats, Private Yachts, and Ferries

If you rent, pay the doors or invite guests on a boat or yacht, the owner and / or operator must take care of you. Any injuries caused by the owner’s failure to perform maintenance duties are normally applicable and are covered by maritime and marine law.

Jones Act Seaman

If you work or work on a ship while you are in port, you have legal protection against workplace injuries under Jones Law. If you are covered by this federal law, you will request a Jones Law attorney to investigate your case.

Oil Rig Workers

If you work or work on an oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico, your case is covered by admiral and maritime law.

Other Vessels

While it is almost impossible to list any situation requiring naval attorney services, it is almost impossible to list accidents occurring on ocean vessels, crash ships, private ships and yachts, ferries, tour ships, barges, river ships, fishing vessels. . ferries that occur at sea, coastal waters or inland waterways generally fall into this category.

This list is not all-inclusive and there is an abundance of different types of demands addressed in this area of ​​the law. Generally speaking, most of the claims related to injuries caused by an accident or accident in the water are covered by admiral and maritime law. If you have been injured on a boat or ship or have a claim for breach or breach of contract at sea, Lipcon, Margulies, Alsina and Winkleman, P.A. today.

When You Need to Hire a Maritime and Admiralty Law Firm

Here are a few of the types of civil cases that require the services of a maritime law attorney:

  • Bad medical care at sea
  • Rapes, Assaults, batteries, and sexual crimes committed on a cruise ship (for civil claims)
  • Shore excursion injuries
  • Charter boat and yacht accidents
  • Workplace accidents on ships, rigs, and in port
  • Cruise ship passenger Injuries such as slip and falls or trip and falls
  • Wrongful death on any vessel or platform

If you have any question as to whether or not your case falls under maritime and admiralty law, contact us for a free evaluation.

Admiralty & Maritime Law Overview

Accidents on ships are often catastrophic, with families dealing with medical bills, emotional distress and wage loss. For more than 40 years, Lipcon, Margulies, Alsina & Winkleman, P.A. to fight for the rights of injured passengers and crew.

Our lawyers are leaders in maritime law and have in-depth knowledge of the Jones Law, seafarers’ rights, and laws surrounding passenger ship injuries. If you get injured while working on a cruise ship or on a ship, our lawyers are committed to helping you get the compensation you deserve.

What Constitutes Maritime and Admiralty Law?

At one time the terms “admiral law” and “maritime law” had two different meanings. “The Admiralty citation would have appealed to the British court of justice and to the first American colonies to deal with shipping issues. Maritime law has arisen in relation to travel and trade cases. Eventually, two separate but closely related practices were combined and the associated terms entered into a single legal discipline.

As a result, the terms admiral law and maritime law are now used together or interchangeably. Our practice is so high that we often call passenger lawyers who implement cruise ship laws because we focus on cruise ship claims.

Unlike some areas of the law that are coded in federal and state regulations, admiral and maritime law in the United States is governed by federal law, state law, single or multinational international treaties, and common law. of cases). In addition, state laws may have an impact on the case of maritime law. An interesting aspect of maritime law is that the same case can be discussed in a Florida court, a US court and another state court, depending on the circumstances surrounding the case. As a result of the interaction between both domestic and foreign laws in maritime lawsuits, there are often gaps in maritime and maritime law, which requires courts to enact laws from various jurisdictions to reach a satisfactory conclusion for a particular dispute. We are proud of our ability to handle a case that needs to be filed worldwide.

Being Compensated Under Maritime and Admiralty Law

If you are a worker injured on a ship or oil platform, you will want to receive compensation for your medical costs and fees. However, suffering and suffering, reducing business capacity and other non-economic costs. As personal injury lawyers representing crew members and passengers, we are aware of damages under maritime and maritime law. Because of the intersection of jurisdiction and the unique nature of all injury cases, your chance to receive full and fair compensation is to benefit from the services of the maritime and maritime law firm focusing on marine injuries. Our lawyers have successfully completed over 3,000 cases for our clients and have won over $ 300 million in awards and settlements.

A Sense of Urgency

Since the delivery date is short, you only have a small amount of time to take legal action. You cannot claim compensation for injuries after the limitations have passed. For cruise ships seeking personal injury, the length of the restrictions may be as short as one year and requires a written notification to be sent to the cruise line within 6 months.

If you are injured on the cruise line, check the language printed on your travel ticket. The ticket may indicate that all claims must be filed in Florida and cases must be filed within one year of the date of injury.

For Seafarers Seafarers’ claims of personal injury or death, the restriction is usually three years. The deadlines for this legal filing mean one thing: you must act quickly when filling in a sailor’s demands or demands against a cruise line. Do not delay receiving legal aid.

History of Maritime Law

Maritime law is federal law and common law regulating seas. The United States Constitution gives federal courts original jurisdiction over this area of ​​law; and the accrued savings of the Judicial Code of 1789 sağ provides for simultaneous proceedings in state courts. Officially, it only applies to American tidal waters, admiral laws apply to the recyclable body of water that a boat can now reach – rivers, harbors, canals and some lakes.

The law protects the injured in their own judgment. Passengers and crew members may claim compensation for injury to a ship. Damages may include lost fees, medical costs, and emotional damage. In addition, injuries that occur on land and resulting from work performed on ships or during navigation also belong to the admiral authority.

Some people change the terms “maritime” and “admiral arak by referring to a specific law on all ships, including cruise ships, cargo ships, and all boats (including recreational boats) and barges. Admiralty and maritime law also applies to ship workers, from captains to crew.

Determining Admiralty Jurisdiction

If a person has suffered an injury at sea, ie at work or at sea, the last thing he thinks is whether the court has the power to hear the case. However, your admiral attorney will tell you that judicial authority is very important in admiral law. Generally speaking, the jurisdiction (in relation to the law and the court system) concerns the right or authority of the court to enforce and interpret the law in your case.

Not all courts have jurisdiction to hear and decide any case. As for admiral cases, federal district courts were authorized to hear such cases under the US Constitution. In addition, in some cases, a state court is allowed to rule on an admission case. Where both state and federal courts are authorized to deal with the case, the jurisdiction will be called a “simultaneous“ jurisdiction and you will be able to decide which court to appeal to.

What You Should Know About Admiralty Jurisdiction

Almost every admiral lawyer knows that making a decision as to whether a case is subject to admiral law is not as simple as some think. The fact that a ship is part of the case or an incident in the water does not always automatically trigger admiral jurisdiction. Generally, if a case is caused by an incident in navigable waters in the United States and involves the collapse of two ships or the injury of a seafarer or a passenger injury on board, the case is likely subject to admiral jurisdiction. In addition, crimes committed against an American citizen or offshore ship are often within the jurisdiction of admirals. In terms of contracts, cases involving contracts relating to maritime trade, navigation or maritime trade (as in hired ships or cargo transport) are typically subject to admiral jurisdiction.

Vessels in Navigation on Navigable Waters

When attempting to create jurisdictions, some elements must exist. For example, if a wounded man was a sailor, he would have been in the service of a ilebilir navigable and navigable g vessel. More specifically, navigation vessels, transport and trading vehicles in mobile waters. Some courts have extended the principle of “for navigation” to include even dry-docked vessels if these ships undergo minor or routine repairs.

With respect to the concept of navigable waters su, in the case of admiral jurisdiction, water can be navigated if it forms a continuous highway that can sustain foreign or interstate trade alone or combine it with other bodies of water. . Obviously, it is not always easy for courts to determine whether an accident in navigable waters is actually part of some maritime trade. However, it is important to ensure that the appropriate federal maritime laws apply to lawsuits within admiral jurisdiction, because the laws are often different from state laws, so federal laws may actually be more favorable to a state than laws.

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