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Most Common Injuries

Maritime Most Common Injuries

Most Common Injuries & Common Types of Dredge Accidents

The Texas maritime lawyers at Lapeze & Johns are ready to earn your trust and get you full compensation if you have suffered from any of these common dredge work injuries: 

  • Traumatic head or brain injuries
  • Back, neck, shoulder, leg, wrist, or hand injury
  • Hernia 
  • Steam injuries
  • Crushed or broken limbs
  • Severed limbs or digits
  • Eye or vision injuries
  • Lacerations 
  • Spinal injuries
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder Chemical spill injuries or burns
  • Drownings
  • Lung injuries
  • Hypothermia
  • Eye or vision injuries

Common Types of Dredge Accidents

Dredge workers perform work in the numerous rivers, streams, tributaries, marshes, swamps, and estuaries of the Gulf of Mexico in Texas and all throughout the Gulf Coast states. The work they do is very important in maintaining the ecological health of these bodies of water and often includes dredging to create new waterways, gathering trash, removing sediments, or for mining purposes.

Because of their work with heavy machinery and challenging work conditions, dredge workers face a number of risks. Some of the most common accidents that occur include but are not limited to: 

  • High-pressure water is often used in dredging and can pose a risk to crew members.
  • Mechanical failures can lead to catastrophic accidents. 
  • Blockage in dredging pipelines that requires maintenance and loosening often leads to serious injuries. 
  • Fishing dredge injuries caused by machinery or other workplace hazards. 
  • Long hours and fatigue are known to play a role in many accidents.
    Being struck or crushed by heavy machinery.
  • Improperly trained crew members causing an injury through negligence.

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