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What’s it like working as a Maritime Lawyer?

like working as a maritime lawyer any problem with an incident or situation that occurs at sea, on the waterway or during the voyage of a ship will likely need the services of expert legal experts. These Maritime Lawyers are used to protect and promote the legal rights of one of the parties concerned and will ensure that any matter relating to maritime law is dealt with fairly in the courts. Generally, a marine lawyer deals with maritime laws involving injuries. Due to the special nature of their work, seafarers are given special protection and benefits above and beyond land workers under and under maritime law. Maritime lawyers may also assist in the design, interpretation and implementation of international legislation governing various aspects of the maritime industry, including safety on ships and pollution from ships.

What kind of work can I do?

 The average working week for a Maritime Advocate can range from checking documents to load and unload a ship to courtroom battles for criminal negligence cases.

Maritime Lawyers provide advice and representation support to clients on maritime transport issues traditionally divided into two areas. The dry dry indoors contain advice to contracting parties, insurance policies and disputes arising out of and from shipbuilding, repair and conversion contracts. The Lak Wet study includes recommendations on casualties, ship arrests, marine pollution, rescue and accidents rights and debts and disputes.

Where can I work?

 Maritime Lawyers can be found in local or international law firms and maritime companies and petrochemical companies, which are internal legal counsel. Protection and Compensation Clubs and international maritime organizations may also employ Maritime Lawyers.

This role requires a comprehensive understanding of international, national and regional maritime law. Some Maritime Lawyers have chosen to specialize in different areas of maritime law; for example, the Marine Sediment Act, which covers cases where a person is injured, lost or damaged, or that arises from the interests or omissions of another party. As a Maritime Advocate, her career explores the maritime industry from a different perspective and provides job satisfaction to those seeking justice at every opportunity.

How big is this sector?

As ships travel all over the world, maritime law is international in nature and has positions worldwide.

Maritime Security and the Convention on the Law of the Sea


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